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“My fave memory is playing with my nanny when I was very little... she was bags of fun!”
Jim Radford

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Can you have a future without knowing your past?

‘Where are you coming from with that accent of yours?’ he asks.
‘Nowhere,’ I reply. ‘I’m from nowhere.’
‘Everyone’s from somewhere,’ he says.
  ‘Not me,’ I reply silently.

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A memory from Sophie Moss

From: Sophie Moss

First time at the ZSL Zoo in London. Finding Nemo was my favourite part of the day.

A memory from Kirsten Melville

From: Kirsten Melville

Great night out with my best is to a Boxing Night.. First time I've been out in years #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Kirsty rayner

From: Kirsty rayner

This photo was taken whilst in New Zealand. Whilst appreciating the beauty of the impressive creation around us, it is so important to soak up the small quirky precious moments in life, especially the ones that make you laugh like a microwave postbox

A memory from Francessca

From: Francessca

This is a photo of my divorced parents taken 35 years ago.
I love my mums smile, my dads dodgy jewellery and the effortless innocence it conveys. It reminds me to be grateful for all the little moments that have lead us to today.

A memory from Toni Delli-Compagni

From: Toni Delli-Compagni

This is my favourite picture. It's nothing fancy, just my best friend & I. It was taken the night before my wedding at a family dinner. We don't have a chance to take many pictures like this, she lives in the states. I missed her like mad.

A memory from Cat cook

From: Cat cook

Four of us together having a family day out

A Tweet from Amber  ??

From: @ambzLCx

@arrowpublishing #ThatGirlMemories my sons first time out in the snow

A memory from Jo Piesse

From: Jo Piesse

All of my memories include my wonderful son Matthew, but if I had to pick a personal one, it would be how deliriously happy and emotional I was in the hours after he was born and also how thankful I was for my beautiful and healthy little boy.

A Tweet from Em-Lou

From: @tattoochic89

@lovereadinguk Me and my three children, the best things in my life! #ThatGirlMemories #MyFave #Win

A memory from Barb Ecwards

From: Barb Ecwards

Memory of a fabulous holiday with my sons. Lots of time spent in/by the pool together. Thankfully I didn't know it would be last holiday together as now they go with their friends (as they should) rather than mum.

A memory from Rosemary Huggins

From: Rosemary Huggins

My best friend and I .We met in 1963 and despite now living miles apart,we remain best friends.

A Tweet from Ashley  ??

From: @ashes1403

@DorothyKoomson Me and My adopted mum, precious sweet magical memories So Missed.. So loved #ThatGirlMemories

A Tweet from DonnaNewbury

From: @KeebabDon

@arrowpublishing #ThatGirlMemories my boys first day at school

A memory from Nicola stone

From: Nicola stone

A random Sunday afternoon out with my husband and brother and his wife.
Such a happy day and a natural picture of us all. Love these memories now we've moved away they're so precious

A memory from Catherine Gregory

From: Catherine Gregory

My first ever sight of Times Square after 20 years of wanting to go. My dream come true

A memory from Jenna Parrington

From: Jenna Parrington

The first time I held my son in my arms. My favourite memory of all time #ThatGirlMemories

A Tweet from Mia Blackwell

From: @miablackwell10

@DorothyKoomson My 1st Xmas do post chemo.(I'm centre)Still a tad rough ? but did I get hammered. #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from jenny reynolds

From: jenny reynolds

love this photo of us signing the registry book at our wedding in 1978 .we have been very happily married for 38 yrs and still very much in love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A Tweet from Terri-Louise Dudey

From: @babybells381

@arrowpublishing #ThatGirlMemories my favourite photo of the 3 most important people in my life just too cute

A memory from adele knight

From: adele knight

Bringing my new kitten Willow home

A Tweet from tSu Narmee 79 BRG

From: @tSuNarmee79

Sunny days with my boy #thatgirlmemories

A memory from Hannah

From: Hannah

This picture is of my two daughters holding their butterflies. They had spent weeks watching the caterpillars grow in a net in their bedroom, and then days with the butterflies, feeding them fruit and nectar. They were so excited to release them!

A memory from Olivia Deakin

From: Olivia Deakin

me and my best friend at her wedding 2014.We've lived far apart for a long time - she lives in Lincs and I've lived the past ten years in Somerset and then London so we only saw each other occasionally.I wouldn't have missed her big day for the world

A memory from Helen Moore

From: Helen Moore

Me and my siblings on Exmouth beach with my Niece and Nephew (and my big Sister is pregnant with my Nephew), we had a lovely day on the beach. It's the last photo of all five of us siblings together so it's a very treasured photo

A memory from Lisa Dolatowski

From: Lisa Dolatowski

Getting to have a 2 night stay in Andy Murrays hotel, Cromlix and getting upgrade from a room to a suite...!!

A Tweet from Niki Clifton

From: @29niknak29

#ThatGirlMemories precious childhood memories of time with my brother & big sister

A memory from Hong

From: Hong

Whilst backpacking around Europe, a rainbow appeared after a storm on the Greek Island of Mykonos

A memory from Natalie Brennan

From: Natalie Brennan

Brilliant night with the girls for Laa's (real name Gemma!) 30th Birthday up in Lincoln.The picture says it all.Best Friends Forever x

A memory from Lucy Parr

From: Lucy Parr

Finishing the Tough Mudder race in 2015 with my closest friends in memory of our friend Brooke

A Tweet from Claire ?

From: @HeyClaireBearx

The day I gave birth to my son. Best feeling in the world cuddling with my little man

A memory from joanne cox

From: joanne cox

Had an amazing time at Havana ,Cuba last summer. Met so many amazing Cubans. It was like travelling back in time. I hope to go back this year to explore more places in Cuba!

A memory from Melissa Richards

From: Melissa Richards

With My cousin and best friend in Lancing about 12 years ago! Such a happy memory, Family means the world to me and I adore photographs. Capturing a moment in time so that i can relive the memories time and time again!

A Tweet from Sara MacGregor

From: @saramacgregor

@DorothyKoomson fun summer days in the park with friends ? #ThatGirlMemories

A Tweet from Nic

From: @Enkaypee

@DorothyKoomson I just lost my very best friend His beautiful smile will forever be my fave memory #ThatGirlMemories

A Tweet from Katrina Khalifa

From: @K1ttyKat

#ThatGirlMemories the girls & I celebrating last year having worked 18 marquee events in 18 days! @DorothyKoomson

A Tweet from Magpie

From: @jillianhalfp

@DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories my Gran & Granda on their wedding day. Sadly memories are all I have of them xoxo

A Tweet from Magpie

From: @jillianhalfp

@arrowpublishing @DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories my fav people in the world. My daughter, best friend Gaby & Esme

A memory from Jacqueline Roberts

From: Jacqueline Roberts

I won a Turkey in a radio competition that Christmas, my Mum was over the moon. Happy times!

A memory from Heather Jenkinson

From: Heather Jenkinson

Brighton Beach, 1978, a family day out with my Grandmother, Parents and two sisters and myself. I remember it being unbearably hot, falling over, and having an ice-cream to stop my crying!

A memory from CAT CULMER


A fantastic childhood with my lovely Mam

A memory from Jamie Millard

From: Jamie Millard

#ThatGirlMemories ziplining in mexico

A memory from Emily Clark

From: Emily Clark

Holidays with my family on the Isle of Wight, sunny days and walks with the dog. My parents weren't very well off but always made sure we had a holiday, and the Isle of Wight is a very special, nostalgic place to me now.

A memory from Cristín Williams

From: Cristín Williams

Our first family holiday abroad, we went to Amsterdam, this is my children running around the botanical gardens. It was a fantastic holiday the kids and me and my husband loved it. I loved seeing the children enjoying themselves so much

A Tweet from Tina Renn

From: @Renn2012

@lovereadinguk #ThatGirlMemories Holiday in Egypt with the bestie #sunshine #poolselfie

A memory from sallyann Johnston

From: sallyann Johnston


A memory from Claire Ward

From: Claire Ward

My trip to Pairs was a dream. It was somewhere I had always wanted to go and it lived up to every expectation I had. I would have stayed forever if I could.

A memory from Cerys John

From: Cerys John

Me and my best friend looking at a beautiful sunset over Dubrovnik in Croatia.

A memory from Jo

From: Jo

Spanish Grand Prix, this trip was an awesome experience.

A memory from rachael jones

From: rachael jones

The day I played dress as a superhero with my son in matching hand made superhero outfits to help raise money for red nose day at our beavers group :)

A memory from Joanne penketh

From: Joanne penketh

My daughters 1st visit to a circus at Blackpool she had her face painted and loved it

A memory from Rachael Buckley

From: Rachael Buckley

My mums birthday BBQ last year! My sisters and my lovely mum all laughing in this picture together!

A memory from FIONA GILLIS


this photo was taken while Kayaking on Lake Louise in Canada, on a cold but very sunny day, with my husband, surrounded by amazing scenery. A busy place but so peaceful out on the lake. This was a once in a lifetime holiday for us. great memories!

A memory from Happy days

From: Happy days

Jo jo's 40th
Had a wonderful evening with all of us
Went to Katrina for a meal what
A palava that was well at least we got a drink from them lol , still was out with great friends we needed a laugh lol
We love you Jo Jo

A Tweet from Definitely Not Tye

From: @Ty3MeUp

Photos are the best memories. Check out my photo from the Dorothy Koomson #ThatGirlMemories Photo Booth.

A Tweet from jana

From: @janamizerova

Photos are the best memories. Check out my photo from the Dorothy Koomson #ThatGirlMemories Photo Booth.

A Tweet from Natasha O'Neill

From: @natashaoh

Photos are the best memories. Check out my photo from the Dorothy Koomson #ThatGirlMemories Photo Booth.

A memory from melanie crumpton

From: melanie crumpton

This photo brings back lots of good memories of our holiday to Thailand and also reminds me of how lucky we all were. The day after this was taken was when the tsunami hit Phuket. Luckily we were all OK.

A memory from Karen Adamson

From: Karen Adamson

All the time I spent with my dad

A Tweet from Celeste

From: @celestewb

Photos are the best memories. Check out my photo from the Dorothy Koomson #ThatGirlMemories Photo Booth.

A memory from Claire Francis

From: Claire Francis

Memories from a romantic trip to Lisbon, Portugal in October 2015 - sunshine, great food, beautiful architecture, lovely wine - and gorgeous patterned tiles for days!

A Tweet from Gareth Evans

From: @gazevo18

Photos are the best memories. Check out my photo from the Dorothy Koomson #ThatGirlMemories Photo Booth.

A memory from Michelle Norton

From: Michelle Norton


A memory from Marie Hart

From: Marie Hart

Just me and my husband having a rare 'moment'

A memory from claire sen

From: claire sen

Visiting friends in Norway. I still remember looking up at the mountains and across the crystal clear lakes. I remember the garden here was on the edge of one of the mountains! This is one of my oldest memories.

A memory from Nicola Stephenson

From: Nicola Stephenson

The last holiday we had as a family before my beautiful daughter died suddenly at aged 14. I will always treasure this photo as it's the only one I have where we are all together in a photograph

A Tweet from Zo Warren

From: @WarrenZ10

@DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories
First picture as a family of 4!

A memory from Collette Mackey

From: Collette Mackey

All the awesome walks I've had with my hubby and our lovely dog

A Tweet from Karen Foster

From: @Kayfoz

@DorothyKoomson Myself and my precious late husband John on our last holiday together in Dublin #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Nicola Lang

From: Nicola Lang

My son, Harrison, and I made some special memories in Venice recently - he loved feeding the pigeons in St Marks Square.

A memory from Miss Tracy Hanson

From: Miss Tracy Hanson

OK, won't mean much to others. But me and my favourite rockband. They were so lovely too. :)

A memory from Bryanna Martonis

From: Bryanna Martonis

Sitting on the balcony at Printemps in Paris with my partner, enjoying the views, the company, and the cuisine! :) It was our first trip outside of the UK together, and our first time in the city of love.

A memory from Rebecca Duffy

From: Rebecca Duffy

That exact moment you realise your world has completely changed forever, and seeing the man you love becoming a father to your child and you're now a family not a couple.

A Tweet from Sabrina f

From: @fancy2135

@DorothyKoomson This was my mum. She was really something special and was taken from us too soon.#ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Donna Caldwell

From: Donna Caldwell

We were all at the local sand digging competition ,we brought a yummy picnic and the weather was warm .We all built different sand castles ours was a giant sea turtle ,we won we couldn't believe but it would have been a memorable day anyway .Great

A memory from Michelle Williams

From: Michelle Williams

I went to the crown of the Statue of Liberty and made it up to the top first this day. I was alone up top and shot this amazing view of the Manhattan skyline, which summed up all my memories of New York. #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Michelle Ptak

From: Michelle Ptak

A walk in the woods with lovely friends

A memory from Tracey Thomas

From: Tracey Thomas

last photo of my boy pip . He's looking out for my dad coming home from work.

A memory from Kim Lye

From: Kim Lye

When my boyfriend proposed to me on Christmas Day in front of all our family after cooking a 4 course meal, he presented me with a hand-written poem engraved in glass to read out and the last line asked me to be his wife as he got down on one knee!

A memory from peter boyle

From: peter boyle

my and my boys splashing around the outdoor baths in Vancouver British Columbia 2015

A memory from Isabelle Smith

From: Isabelle Smith

my best friends beautiful wedding

A memory from Ferhana Bata

From: Ferhana Bata

My Kids ..
MyLife MyEverything..

The greatest joy and deepest sorrow that they bring ..

I cannot imagine life without them in it

A Tweet from Greig Spencer

From: @greigo_uk

@DorothyKoomson When we went to New York! #ThatGirlMemories ( Not the photobombing seagull)

A memory from Maggie Longhurst

From: Maggie Longhurst

I've never been comfortable with my photo being taken but since having a now 15 year old daughter I am quite good at selfies if she takes them. This was taken at an event none of us were looking forward to... But we had the BEST NIGHT EVER!

A memory from Andrea Steinwendtner

From: Andrea Steinwendtner

The day I fell in love with the love of my life - the man who made me a mother by bringing his two daughters into the relationship and who fullfills my greatest wish by making me a mum again in may :-)

A memory from Niki Walton

From: Niki Walton

The day my best friend asked me to marry him - Christmas Day 2015! So far the happiest day of my life!

A memory from Susan wright

From: Susan wright

Pure contentment nice long walk leads to nice long sleep happiest in his own home

A memory from Kimberley Paton

From: Kimberley Paton

This was taken a week or 2 before my dad was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx.. Turned out he had been suffering for 2 years undiagnosed. He is my superhero! Doing so well and still smiling this ridiculously goofy smile everyday!

A memory from Stacey

From: Stacey

This is my son's 1st picture taken on 12th November 2015. My sister Ashley (far right) was my birthing partner she is my best friend! Two weeks after this picture she flew from from Northern Ireland to Australia to fulfill her dreams. I miss her lots.

A memory from Andria Allison

From: Andria Allison

My special boy love him to bits

A memory from Denise Chenery

From: Denise Chenery

The moment we met our puppy at 3weeks old and I feel instantly in love.

A memory from Donna Pieters

From: Donna Pieters

It was a glorious summer day in my favourite place in Brockwell Park,my toddler son
took great delight in exploring the garden and toddling up and down path.
This is one of my favourite photos taken in a place we both love.

A memory from Tracey Daniels

From: Tracey Daniels

A Fabulous Weekend in blackpool for my Birthday in blackpool xx

A memory from Margaret Munro

From: Margaret Munro

This is a photo of my sister taken at her daughters wedding 15 years ago. Two weeks later she suddenly keeled over and died without any warning from a brain anurysm miss her everyday and this is my favourite photo of her

A memory from Gemma

From: Gemma

Our Love Lock down at the Albert Dock in Liverpool. The city where I began my grand adventure with my Irish Love

A memory from Gail Shaw

From: Gail Shaw

This is myself and my Daughter on one of the first ever Comic Relief days. She's baffled by the red nose . Emma is now 18 1/2 and I absolutely love this photo

A Tweet from Angela Pagan

From: @cutetrix

@DorothyKoomson The 80s Big Yellow Teapot has made a comeback in our house #RetroToys #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Gemma Richards

From: Gemma Richards

My Eldest Son holding his little brothers hand walking home from School. Such a precious moment captured on camera.

A memory from Patricia

From: Patricia

This photograph was taken when me and my friends were in high school. That day I gave them those 'friendship bracelets'. We're 25 now and we're still friends :)

A memory from Debbie Francis

From: Debbie Francis

Canada Travels 2015. Beautiful mountains, breathtaking lakes, unforgettable memories, incredible people, life-changing experiences. Why do we travel? What are we running from? Because at the end of it all, I am still just that girl from nowhere.

A memory from Sarah Goodman

From: Sarah Goodman

This photo is of my children on holiday last year. Doing what they loved- jumping in and out of the pool. These are actually great family moments when the children are being children and having the best time in the water.

A memory from Rachel James

From: Rachel James

It might not be the best photo ever, but it makes us laugh every time we see my daughter jumping in the air when one of the crabs escaped from her crab bucket while we were on holiday in North Wales! #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Sophie Hunter

From: Sophie Hunter

Moving house with two cats

A memory from Andrea Stiff

From: Andrea Stiff

My gran was always there through my life when I needed her right from the beginning , and for once the most important time of all I was there with her..... at the end.

A memory from NATALIE BLAMEY


Proposing to my husband in our derelict house on local radio in a leap of faith. Only to get stuck for 3 days in the snow before our wedding day and getting married with green hair (accidentally)

A memory from Jennie Patrice

From: Jennie Patrice

This is a picture of my brother Tony and me when I was a bridesmaid for a family member over 45 years ago; I think I was 7 or 8 and he was 5 or 6. I found it when I was having a clear out and it does nothing but make me smile from ear to ear. :-)

A memory from Juanita Powers

From: Juanita Powers

A wonderful day out with my Grandad, Memories never go away, even tho he is not with me anymore, I still remember the good times. xxx

A memory from Kiran Channa

From: Kiran Channa

Our first holiday with our daughter in Miami, first trip to the beach, first plane ride. A holiday of firsts it was way too nice. I discovered american shopping. #ThatGirlMemories #LifeWillNeverBeTheSameAgain

A memory from Gabriella Applegate

From: Gabriella Applegate

The moment I became a godmother

A memory from Emma Hedges

From: Emma Hedges

Honeymooning in Disneyland in 2012 with my love, my best friend and sidekick for life.

A memory from Laura Elliott

From: Laura Elliott

My amazing 79 year old Granda is the best fisher man I know! He stills gets out on the Lough despite illness. I have memories of the both of us out on the boat from a very young age and I always will! #LearntFromTheBest #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Sue Barton

From: Sue Barton

We used to have some great family parties and I was always the life and soul of them

A memory from Ashleigh Husbands

From: Ashleigh Husbands

My cheerleading team winning our Grand National Championship title and the highest score of the competition in 2012! It was a magical day!

A Tweet from Claire

From: @Gerbera4U

@lovereadinguk #ThatGirlMemories Here is a photo of the day I met Roald Dahl, he signed my books and I saw his shed.

A memory from Cheryl Price

From: Cheryl Price

My dear Granddaugher the look of love.... One Last Hug

A memory from Christine Bray

From: Christine Bray

My granddaughter has a rare condition, Koolen deVries syndrome, and her brother won a national award for young carer for all he does to help. He got it at a glittering ceremony in London with lots of celebrities. (Prince Harry's arm is round my Ryan)

A memory from Jamie Edwards

From: Jamie Edwards

This is my Grandad and I, it was the last time I saw him smile. We were at my cousin's wedding, we danced and laughed all evening. I remember him like this, healthy and happy. I always tell my children all about their Great Grandad.

A Tweet from Zarina

From: @zarinatweets

@arrowpublishing In my grandparents' garden in 1985. It reminds me of them and carefree summers. #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Jo Corrado

From: Jo Corrado

This is a photo of my brother and me on holiday in Tuscany in 1992. It reminds me of our much loved family holidays to Italy. And also that I used to love putting one arm round my brother and the other around my 'invisible friend'. Strange child!

A memory from Elizabeth Gurney

From: Elizabeth Gurney

My first holiday with friends when I was 18. Such incredible memories and sunsets!

A memory from Laura Bryant

From: Laura Bryant

Travelling is life's perfection.

A memory from Sophie Lester

From: Sophie Lester

Spending a night in the Sahara Desert Morocco and dressing like one of the locals and experiencing the culture.

A memory from Angela Ellis

From: Angela Ellis

I love this old polaroid picture my Mother took on my first proper holiday. It always makes me smile and brings back memories of spending every day looking in rockpools and eating Funny Feet ice-cream on the beach.

A memory from Loma Wood

From: Loma Wood

New Years Day in 1966 - I was 16 years old and being discharged from hospital after two operations. These two wonderful ladies gave me the strength to pull through - Sister Rose and my lovely mum Lily - my favourite flowers xx

A memory from Kami Mistry

From: Kami Mistry

Meeting the amazing band Nickelback, such lovely guys!

A memory from Mariasole Paduos

From: Mariasole Paduos

My daughter's first snow encounter!

A memory from Megan Long

From: Megan Long

This reminds me of the time I trapped my dad and little brother with a giant bucket. Fun on a staycation! Who needs expensive holidays?

A memory from Laura meade

From: Laura meade

Anniversary trip to New York and finally seeing the Statue of Liberty up close. The sun was out and the geese came to say hi too. Perfect.

A memory from Jenny Long

From: Jenny Long

My little boy is a bit of a history buff and his fave historical character is Charles the II. So he dressed up and we visited Audley End (one of KingCharles' residences) He had such a blast - everyone called him 'Your Majesty'!

A memory from Bethany Haynes

From: Bethany Haynes

Me and my mum going to London for my 21st - best birthday ever :) seen loads of musicals and went to the shrek experience

A memory from Ashlea Whiting

From: Ashlea Whiting

My Grandmother recently passed away this year from a heart attack and we were extremely close. This photo memory (taken at my Nan's 50th Wedding Anniversary) in particular makes me smile and reminds me of the happy times we spent together.

A memory from carol bradnock

From: carol bradnock

My eldest daughters first day at secondary school

A memory from Jean Cole

From: Jean Cole

Having fun in the sun, made contact with family in USA via the internet, cousin visited us, What a moment.

A memory from Sophie cowling

From: Sophie cowling

Conker picking with my boys for the first time in our beautiful new home in the countryside.

A memory from Annette Hannah

From: Annette Hannah

8 yrs ago I took my mum to Milan for her 60th birthday & as a surprise I brought my niece too. In Milan we were mistaken for sisters a lot so we called ourselves the triplets. My mum passed away 5yrs ago which makes this pic even more precious x x

A memory from Emma Davis

From: Emma Davis

I often look at this photo and wonder what my children were saying to each other. Now aged 12 and 13, they were 10 and 12 in this photo. With only 18 months between them, they've always been close - this image sums up their wonderful relationship.

A memory from Carly mape

From: Carly mape

My daughter meeting her favourite princess Tiana on Christmas Day at Disneyworld.

A Tweet from Krishan Kap

From: @runningkk

@lovereadinguk @PenguinUKBooks @DorothyKoomson That girl who was my platonic friend for 8 years..#ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Vicky Loras

From: Vicky Loras

It was a lovely day near Lake Zug, Switzerland. The sky was so blue and the mountains beautiful in the background! It was two years ago in April.

A memory from Denise Walker

From: Denise Walker

First Rollercoster ride with my daughter

A memory from kaya corbridge

From: kaya corbridge

I taught dance to children in West Virginia last summer it was the most incredible experience to date.

A memory from Rebecca Slater

From: Rebecca Slater

This was taken in early December. My baby Otis was two weeks old and we were going out for the day. I think the picture shows the love a new mum has for her baby and vice versa.

A memory from Lucy Smith

From: Lucy Smith

My memory is when my son Harry, who had a neurological disease, met his heroes Mcfly. He was too poorly to stay for the concert but they spent more then 3/4 hour chatting to him, like he was just a normal lad. He died 2 years later aged 12.

A memory from Amy Anderson

From: Amy Anderson

My favourite memory is being completely surprised by this goat in San Diego Zoo - he was sitting so still that I thought he was I stood beside him to pose for a photograph, he jumped up and my boyfriend caught the whole thing on camera!

A memory from Lisa Bell

From: Lisa Bell

This is my little girl on her christening day, July 2014. She is being cuddled by my cousin who we lost in a tragic motorbike accident last October. I will cherish this photo forever and my little girl will grow up knowing what a lovely man he was.

A memory from Dee anne Partridge

From: Dee anne Partridge

Having a wonderful suprise visit from my brother david who lives in Australia to help us celebrate my brother Paul 60th birthday it was the first time all brothers and sisters had been all together in 30 year's



Our last days in Hawaii... Standing on the deck of the dive boat and watching a beautiful sunset. Good times :-)

A memory from carly mcdonald

From: carly mcdonald

on holiday with my bestie xxxx

A Tweet from sian hallewell

From: @redragon1960

@arrowpublishing @DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories a rare photo with my Dad in, he was always the 1 taking the photo

A memory from Gemma Mills

From: Gemma Mills

First smiles from my baby daughter, Heidi

A Tweet from Barbara Tanner

From: @barbliztan

@DorothyKoomson @DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories My visit to see my sister in OZ x so many laughs x #FunMemories x

A memory from Sam

From: Sam

Best day of my life

A Tweet from Mark Scott

From: @olympicmark

@arrowpublishing @DorothyKoomson my beautiful kids on Christmas day, they make me smile #ThatGirlMemories ??

A Tweet from Sophie

From: @sophieejayne6

@arrowpublishing @DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories my 21st birthday with my mum. She's my best friend &absolute rock

A Tweet from YumCoconut

From: @yumcoconut

@arrowpublishing @DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories My darling dog Gertie. No longer with me - always in my heart x

A memory from Giorgia Yates-hart

From: Giorgia Yates-hart

My baby sisters first hair cut. She sat really still and was a good little girl for the hair dresser!

A memory from Victoria Elleray

From: Victoria Elleray

Captured this fab shot of my daughter whilst looking round an antique shop in Dunkeld, Scotland.

A Tweet from ??Trudee??

From: @Trudeestweets

@arrowpublishing @DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories my beautiful step daughters on the wedding day x

A memory from Jim Radford

From: Jim Radford

My fave memory is playing with my nanny when I was very little...she was bags of fun!

A Tweet from Keely Smith

From: @keelymarie886

#ThatGirlMemories this is my fav memory my grandad parped and this was his fab reaction :D

A Tweet from Kayleigh McArthur

From: @kaym193

@dorothykoomson #ThatGirlMemories a trip with my other half to the Silver Sands of Morar #bliss

A memory from jude dysart

From: jude dysart

our cat who sadly passed away two years ago

A memory from Caroline Clarke

From: Caroline Clarke

My son learning to walk and looking way too grown up wearing his father's headphones.

A Tweet from Se Hilton

From: @tinkerbellla27

@lovereadinguk #ThatGirlMemories Me at a family party when I was about 6 years old!

A memory from Leah Briers

From: Leah Briers

Me, my mum, and dad were all on holiday in Turkey last August, 2015. There was a rickety wooden pier that went out into sea and we walked down there as the sun was setting in between the trees.

A memory from Lisa Newell

From: Lisa Newell

This photo was taken after a lovely family day with my husband and son. They are my world.
We don't get to see each other as often as we'd like to,so family days together are precious. My son loves it when we get to spend quality family time together

A Tweet from ToniTonyTon

From: @toni_wm

@arrowpublishing @DorothyKoomson Just days before her brother came to meet her. #bestfriends #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Laura abbott

From: Laura abbott

My sister was the other side of the world for Christmas so we delayed our Christmas and had it in April combined with Easter! Christmas decorations went up and we had Easter eggs in the Christmas tree!

A memory from Alison Davies

From: Alison Davies

My daughter in a local field, 2014. 2014 marked the centenary of WW1, I assumed it had been planted in honour of this. Turns out the farmer had not planted the poppies, in 40 years he had never experienced a spectacle like this. Natures tribube!

A Tweet from Laura Davies

From: @lauislucky

@arrowpublishing our first family pic after my little girl was born! Life changing moment! #ThatGirlMemories

A Tweet from Loy

From: @0Mather

@arrowpublishing @DorothyKoomson I love this pic of my dog after rolling in the snow! #ThatGirlMemories Snowmuch fun

A Tweet from Sophie Tedder

From: @sophie_tedder

@lovereadinguk #ThatGirlMemories the last photo of me and my dad before he died climbing Ben Nevis for charity <3

A memory from Wes McIntosh

From: Wes McIntosh

Our first professional family photo

A memory from Tony Horscraft

From: Tony Horscraft

Our family holiday camping last year , my daughter had so much fun so did we .

A memory from Kali filsell

From: Kali filsell

My daughter was the carnival princess for our towns carnival parade and she had one of the best days ever

A memory from linda savas

From: linda savas

Christmas morning -- we always went to church first then came home and could open our presents, however mum always let us open one present before we went to church, suprisingly it was always something we could wear - in this case my lovely pink hat!

A memory from Andris Varakajs

From: Andris Varakajs

we spent an amazing day at bedgebury park

A Tweet from Hannah Darl

From: @hanzvallance

. @DorothyKoomson leaving my comfort zone and exploring Canada for the first time #ThatGirlMemories

A Tweet from SandraB

From: @gottobein

@arrowpublishing #ThatGirlMemories 2001 My Grandma My Mum Me & My daughter I hold Four generations from our fold

A Tweet from Lisa

From: @LisaMorrington

@arrowpublishing @DorothyKoomson day out with my besties - love my friends! #ThatGirlMemories

A Tweet from Louisa Alder

From: @LouisaAlder

@DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories got sent this on1st day back@work!Lefthusband in charge&they wanted2paint me a pic

A memory from Lynsey Shovlin

From: Lynsey Shovlin

When I noticed he fancied me, we're getting married on 3.9.16

A Tweet from Melsy

From: @Melsy68

@arrowpublishing #ThatGirlMemories
Seeing our initials etched in the sand
& being asked to take his hand x

A memory from Melanie Bloomfield

From: Melanie Bloomfield

This is the first photo my partner and I had taken together, neither of us were looking for a relationship but when we met on an app, Thumb, a Q &A app, we hit it off instantly. Now nearly four years later we're still as happy as ever, even more so.

A memory from Elysia Benn

From: Elysia Benn

My best friend's first ever rollercoaster was a memory to treasure. She screamed on a scale that nobody could measure. She looked so scared as we whizzed round the track, now she loves it so much that we're both going back!

A memory from Rebecca Banks

From: Rebecca Banks

I took this photo in Mexico City. I had spotted the man crouching down, playing his violin terribly but something about his was special. I asked if I could take a photo and he stood for me, giving me this incredible shot with the cathedral behind.

A Tweet from jo jackson

From: @Untitled28

@arrowpublishing @DorothyKoomson I love the look on my youngest face, brothers, happy fun days

A Tweet from jo jackson

From: @Untitled28

@arrowpublishing @DorothyKoomson I love the look on my youngest face, brothers, happy fun days

A memory from Rachael Medley

From: Rachael Medley

This is a photo from my honeymoon and is my favourite picture. Whenever I look at it, it takes me back to Malta and to the lovely memories we made there. I hope to always keep it with the same fondness that I have for it now.

A Tweet from Teresa

From: @teresaagger

@arrowpublishing @DorothyKoomson me & the family with faces of pure joy on the log flume!! #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from bella morgan

From: bella morgan

Our first walk together up the South Downs

A Tweet from Rose

From: @arroda

@arrowpublishing #ThatGirlMemories Xmas '14.Last memories of Grandma as she was. Sadly she's really gone downhill.

A Tweet from Nina

From: @Cancerianfemale

@arrowpublishing @DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories me, my mum and teddy when I was a little girl :) makes me smile

A Tweet from A Kaan

From: @akbn2017

Homemade dessert, afilm, girls night in after a long stressful end to a degree year. Fab memory #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from AMREEN KHAN


I was surprised with a huge party and a beautiful cake for my 21st, with all my friends and family making the effort to travel from as far as Scotland just to come see me in Norwich. It was amazing and something i'll always cherish

A memory from Gill Burn

From: Gill Burn

My son's graduation - never been prouder!!

A Tweet from Dee

From: @Perk1nz

@arrowpublishing @DorothyKoomson My son doesn't like his photo taken. I treasure those I catch #ThatGirlMemories

A Tweet from KimCollabroLambert

From: @KymmieHPeace

@lovereadinguk this one #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Rachael Tolton

From: Rachael Tolton

I had wanted to visit Kefalonia since seeing the beautiful Myrtos Beach on Captain Correlli's Mandolin. When I finally had the chance to go there it was every bit as wonderful as I'd hoped. The best memories are shared with my loved ones.

A memory from Tracey Anderson

From: Tracey Anderson

My memory is of me aged 5 on holiday in Great Yarmouth- Caister Sands.

A Tweet from Sue Gibson

From: @bambinogibson

@arrowpublishing @DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories Christmas Day on the beach. This pic just sums up perfection

A Tweet from Yuks33

From: @yuks33

It was my daughter's 3 year old celebration back in Japan with my mother & my son @DorothyKoomson #thatgirlmemories

A Tweet from Ali

From: @BarlowAlison

@arrowpublishing @DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories I think this photo of my old rescue dog Looey is so sweet!

A memory from Dawn Hoskins

From: Dawn Hoskins

My Mum and I both trying to take a selfie with a brand new phone, on our first holiday after I woke up from my coma. We were both laughing so much that our ribs hurt for days. I have lots of in focus and in 'centre' photos but this is my favourite

A memory from Stephanie Coals

From: Stephanie Coals

Riding out by camel and seeing the sunset on the sand dunes by the India/Pakistan border.

A memory from Margaret Grant

From: Margaret Grant

The day I gave my daughter away at her wedding. This photograph is of me, my daughter and son (who was a witness) on that day. After my divorce I brought up my two children on my own and was thrilled to be asked to be given such an important role.

A Tweet from Georgia Shiels

From: @Georgia_Shiels

When I took my mum to New York just to see @AlfieBoe in @LesMiserables

A Tweet from Meg ?

From: @HowEnchantingx

That time we went to Florida and Sophie spent 9hours taking selfies

A Tweet from leanne weir

From: @leabana1

@DorothyKoomson our first family trip to the beach #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Nicholas Graham

From: Nicholas Graham

Me and my lovely mam. This was our last holiday together and shortly before I moved out - tinged with a bit of sadness but happy for our memories and adventures together!

A memory from Catherine Pawsey

From: Catherine Pawsey

One of my favorite memories is of the fun we had at a close friends wedding. Though my 8 yr old daughter looks a bit embarrassed by us in this photo !

A memory from Gemma Boyle

From: Gemma Boyle

The day my now wife and I met in person after online dating in different countries for a year! Would love to win this to take more photos of our lives.

A memory from Debbie Trotman

From: Debbie Trotman

For four years, each Christmas, we slid the jigsaw board from its place beneath the sofa. Together we giggled, chatted and solved the puzzle. Which piece had the puppy eaten four years earlier? Complete we grinned and finally got to unveil the next.

A memory from Donna Yu

From: Donna Yu

I couldn't choose-so I made a collage! There's photo of Tom + I, on holiday in Dom Rep, one at my best friends wedding, days before our son was due.
The other 3, was the day our son was born, when he first smiled on camera & this month he turned ONEx

A memory from Helena Hewett

From: Helena Hewett

This photo was taken at the end of a two week tour of Europe. Venice was lovely and I haven't laughed so much as I did with that group of people. Friends made for life.

A memory from Claire Hughes

From: Claire Hughes

The first time I ever saw the Northern Lights. Taken in Thurso, in the north of Scotland. Most memorable moment of my life to date.

A memory from Lisa Stewart

From: Lisa Stewart

This is a picture of my amazing grandad who died just before his 109th birthday. He lived with my parents for the last 8 years of his life after my gran passed away but he was an inspiration to me my whole life. He made me who I am xx

A Tweet from Ben Alder

From: @BenAlder

@DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories our first family outing to the woods! Love this photo as it makes me smile

A Tweet from Sophie

From: @KStewartSister

Picnic with friends

A Tweet from Maggie Coates

From: @Pumpkin2k9

#ThatGirlMemories @DorothyKoomson Cheddar Gorge was stunning!

A memory from Maggie Coates

From: Maggie Coates

We enjoyed our visit to Harry Potter world.

A memory from Philip Rogers

From: Philip Rogers

Our last family holiday in Cornwalll. A great family picture which captures what was a great holiday.

A memory from Vidette Wong

From: Vidette Wong

I remember looking up, exclaiming how tiny the people at the top were. We had already been hiking for the last 4 hours and my legs were starting to feel like lead. Tiredness disappeared once we got to the top. The view was glorious, and so worth it.

A memory from Laura Townley

From: Laura Townley

The day I got to meet a pack of lovely lions.

A memory from Rachael Walton

From: Rachael Walton

My favourite memory is when I went to Orlando in 2014 visited Disney it was a dream come true. This is when I visited universal park totally amazing :)

A memory from Francesca Mason

From: Francesca Mason

Of course it had to be my wedding day. The day I got to marry the love of my life, father of my child. This is my favourite photo of the day, and it was taken by a family member as we shared a family moment

A memory from victoria

From: victoria

my baby girl when she was still lickle

A memory from Victoria Norris

From: Victoria Norris

A visit to Amsterdam and the Van Gogh museum reopening in September 2016

A memory from Chloe Ward

From: Chloe Ward

Skydiving at Christmas over the Gold Coast, Queensland whilst I spent 2 years travelling Australia and always pushing my boundaries to the extreme & 100% loving it :)

A memory from Heidi Brown

From: Heidi Brown

Fufiling my Dream Learning to Scuba Dive in Thailand!

A memory from lianne wightman

From: lianne wightman

walking in the spring sunshine with my children!

A memory from Emma Blessing

From: Emma Blessing

Morning snuggles with the pooch... Nothing better!

A memory from Sophie Foulds

From: Sophie Foulds

Going on my first holiday abroad to Tunisia with my boyfriend and family. Such an amazing experience. So glad I got to experience Tunisia before everything that happened.

A Tweet from lovetofly

From: @lolabunny488

@DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories my fiancee proposed to me I love this image it still gives me butterflies

A memory from Hannah Smith

From: Hannah Smith

This photo was taken before my first black tie ball in Oxford. It was a great night and brings back lots of happy memories :)

A memory from Danielle Spencer

From: Danielle Spencer

This was a great day out with my Arnie, the dog that changed my life, made it worth living, helped me through the tough times.
This was one of the last photo we took before he became ill. R.I.P Arnie.

A memory from Husna Shazadi

From: Husna Shazadi

This is the time when we went Blackpool for 1 week to celebrate my b'day. I went on a b'day holiday with my family (altogether 10 people) where we went pleasure beach and waterpark. This memory is special because it's the last holiday with my grandma

A memory from Gemma Murray

From: Gemma Murray

This is my favourite picture of my dog Bruno. We had a great time on this day actually having a beautiful picnic. This is the first time Bruno was allowed off his lead in public and he just loved it!

A memory from rachel morgan

From: rachel morgan

We worked so hard during our first season on our allotment. I love this photo because everyone worked together for once for a common goal x

A Tweet from Jasmine Rowe

From: @JasmineRowe

@DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories My brother and me, New Years Eve 1998

A memory from Michelle Bruce

From: Michelle Bruce

My husband and I spent a night away in a hotel without the children. We had dinner and did tourist things. It was wonderful just having a relaxing time on our own. This is our couple selfie.

A memory from sallyann Johnston

From: sallyann Johnston

Walking on the beach in Devon with my family at sunset, Beautiful x #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from carly taylor

From: carly taylor

My favourite memory is of accompanying my husband to Windsor Castle to get his M.B.E. from the Queen! What a wonderful day it was, and will forever be one of my most treasured memories.

A Tweet from Louisept

From: @Louisept3


A Tweet from Ms Xpat

From: @MsXpat

#tbt #ThatGirlMemories meeting American #naturalhair blogger @JenellBStewart at @Curlvolution 2015 #phenomenal lady

A Tweet from Kirsty

From: @HeyHoEatPie

@arrowpublishing @DorothyKoomson Seeing my best friend of 19yrs get married last Sat, very proud #ThatGirlMemories

A Tweet from Karen Campbell

From: @MrsKazzieC

@DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories My wedding day. Married in the Mitchell Library surrounded by books. Magical.

A Tweet from Juliette

From: @clarateddy

Treat someone special to @DorothyKoomson That Girl From Nowhere this Easter #read #ThatGirlMemories #paperback


From: @DorothyKoomson

Morning! It's publication day so I'm having this as my #ThatGirlMemories pic. : ) Have a fab day, lovely peeps. X

A memory from Neve

From: Neve

An incredible holiday in Cornwall with my amazing family.

A memory from Catherine

From: Catherine

Family holidays with my fashion challenged father.

A memory from Sam

From: Sam

This is my daughters first birthday. We had a long journey getting her here and quite an adventure in her first year so this is my favourite memory of her life so far. #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Kathryn

From: Kathryn

Visiting my best friend who lives in Niagara Falls, for the first time in 13 years. This is us and my son on the Maid of the Mist at the Falls. Even though it is so long since we have met up we still get along great she is so lovely a amazing friend.

A memory from Aoife

From: Aoife

My 2 sons & I with my grandparents & their great grandparents. A 91 & 89 year old getting in on the selfie craze. Just one of the many happy memories we are so grateful to have with them.

A memory from Faithe Moffett

From: Faithe Moffett

My son has autism and doesn't like having his photo taken... so to capture this with his sister, who's also notoriously camera shy, is a rare and precious moment indeed!

A memory from Maralyn Smith

From: Maralyn Smith

This is a picture of our little Easter bunny's first Easter, trying to eat a toy carrot. This will make a good photo to embarrass her when she gets her first boyfriend!!

A Tweet from Carolina

From: @CarolinaSMC

With a view of the Tejo river behind me from my first school trip to Lisbon #ThatGirlMemories @DorothyKoomson

A Tweet from Juliette

From: @clarateddy

@DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories i loved the day i met Dorothy

A memory from Claire Reynolds

From: Claire Reynolds

Remembering introducing our daughters (both called Neve) to their new Elf duties in Santa's Grotto.

A Tweet from Emma Draude

From: @ed_pr

My Daddy who learnt to ride just so we could spend more time together #ThatGirlMemories @DorothyKoomson #misshim

A Tweet from Samantha Giles

From: @sammeegiles

@DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories my lovely husbands 40th birthday with our best friends

A Tweet from Rainydaysaow

From: @rainydaysaow

Grandma, I love her. She's passed away now but she's still alive, in my memories. #ThatGirlMemories @DorothyKoomson

A Tweet from Rainydaysaow

From: @rainydaysaow

My other beautiful niece, the day after she was born, July 2013 #ThatGirlMemories @DorothyKoomson

A Tweet from Rainydaysaow

From: @rainydaysaow

My beautiful niece at the @HathernVA Wicked Hathern Fest in 2014 #ThatGirlMemories @DorothyKoomson @AdventuresEM

A memory from Mickala tebbutt

From: Mickala tebbutt

This was on our first family caravan holiday and we were sat outside the caravan on the grass having a picnic making daisy chains and our daughter give her daddy kisses just at the rite time love this photo and the memories we have of it :-)

A Tweet from Rainydaysaow

From: @rainydaysaow

@DorothyKoomson My hen do with my best girls in 2010. They flew from the UK to Australia for me! #ThatGirlMemories

A Tweet from Ronke Lawal

From: @ronkelawal

.@DorothyKoomson Me as Maid of Honour at the wedding of one of my best friends in 2009.Lovely day! #ThatGirlMemories

A Tweet from kinkdredspirit

From: @kinkdredspirit

First trip to a lavender field. She pranced through the lavender even when the rain poured #ThatGirlMemories


From: @DorothyKoomson

Hello! My #ThatGirlMemories for today is this from my wedding day. Walked down the aisle to Islands In The Stream.

A Tweet from circusmum_

From: @circusmum_

I've got so many #ThatGirlMemories I could share! This is my mum and daughter after a trip to the theatre #myloves

A Tweet from ireth ? surion

From: @Irethsurion

@DorothyKoomson Enjoying a half garden with my son #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Sharon Devenport

From: Sharon Devenport

My fav picture of my boys tai and chi they were brothers who sadly passed away a year apart from each other.they were rescue cats who were always together.i have ten happy years with them I wish it could have been more .broke my heart to lose them .

A Tweet from rachelle

From: @racheyra

@DorothyKoomson @hayleyemmasteed @ed_pr @arrowpublishing #ThatGirlMemories the first weekend with my rescue whippet!

A memory from Edel Kildea

From: Edel Kildea

I won Henry Hippo (an Irish bank mascot)in a colouring competition. I had chicken pox at the time and gave the hippo in the comp multicoloured spots! Henry is a bit worse for wear 26 years later but he's still part of the family!

A Tweet from Nicola Stone

From: @nicciplumduff

@DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories man&boys my husband, 3sons and my lab on their first beach walk in Lytham

A memory from Laura Jones

From: Laura Jones

I love this photo of my mom and I. It was taken during the eclipse in 2015. We booked the day off work to experience the eclipse on top of the Library of Birmingham (UK). It made for fantastic selfie lighting and memories.


From: @DorothyKoomson

Mine today is this ring I made/reloved from an old earring as research for That Girl From Nowhere. #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Kate

From: Kate

I don't particularly remember why we're pulling this pose, but this was one of the best shows ever. Just look at this bunch of wonderful women! We did nothing but laugh backstage and nothing but love being on stage. Beautiful people, beautiful show!

A memory from Jagir karara

From: Jagir karara

This was a picture of me aged about 6 .
I was always in trouble you can tell from my cheeky grin nothing has changed will be 50 this year.

A memory from Wendy heffer

From: Wendy heffer

My gorgeous grandchildren

A memory from Karen Doyle

From: Karen Doyle

My Parents, My 2 sisters and me (I'm the one in the lovely yellow dress - I remember it vividly as my favourite dress ever)
My Grandad, behind me, was my favourite person in the whole world xx

A memory from Hanna Lumley

From: Hanna Lumley

Becoming a mummy on my 19th birthday! Now almost 16 years later baby Charlotte is a beautiful, kind and caring young lady and I'm proud to call myself her mum! Xx

A memory from Linda Ford

From: Linda Ford

Standing on the top of St Mary's Tower at Birkenhead Priory and enjoying my families company xx

A Tweet from Sharon Wright Agency

From: @TheSharonAgency

Hi @DorothyKoomson - me with my mum, wearing my dad's postman hat. Must be about 1971! #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Anne Ramsay

From: Anne Ramsay

This is one of my favourite memories, my son Shaun has a rare chromosome disorder and we were told he may never walk, here he is at 22 months old having a stroll at the seaside with his daddy!!! My miracle boy xxx

A Tweet from Terri Bethell

From: @Terrib1403

@DorothyKoomson my little aria minutes after she was born (she will be 1 on 3/4, too quick!!) #thatgirlmemories ????

A memory from Matilde Ferreira

From: Matilde Ferreira

My childhood :) Little me :)

A Tweet from chelle.

From: @x_chelley

Me and my favourite person, my son. ?? #ThatGirlMemories

A Tweet from Caroline Elmhirst

From: @CazzaE

@PenguinUKBooks #ThatGirlMemories My children playing in the fields at Granny's house.... re-living my childhood!

A memory from Judith Stirling

From: Judith Stirling

This is me and my dad when I was 4 years old and I'm 41 now! It's my favourite picture in the world. Total trust in my dad, then and still today. I knew he would always catch me. My dad now has Parkinson's and this pic means a lot to us both. #topdad

A memory from Vicky Online

From: Vicky Online

The local wild birds would have called this photo "This is why we can't have nice things". Took this picture through the kitchen window and I love it because it reminds me of how nice it was to live in the country. She was a clever hen.

A memory from Viv Gilbey

From: Viv Gilbey

Watching my Mum teaching my daughter to skip - such a lovely moment.

A memory from Ally willis

From: Ally willis

This was taken by my friend as a surprise for my birthday. It shows the three most precious people in my life, and when I opened it I cried. It is just so beautifully composed, and that my friend secretly took it especially for me makes it special

A Tweet from Ellie Chudleigh

From: @ElliePhillips17

@PenguinUKBooks #ThatGirlMemories My favourite photo is of me and Peaches who was rescued from an unhappy life.

A memory from Faith and Mason Topping

From: Faith and Mason Topping

Faith welcomes her baby brother into the world 2hrs old.

A memory from Ailsa sheldon

From: Ailsa sheldon

The Goldsmith family went on our first ever 2 week holiday in ten years. 3 children born in 17 months limited our ability to leave the house! Koh Samui called and off we went. This photo is of our 3 beautiful kids on Valentine's night.

A memory from Joanne Welsh

From: Joanne Welsh

My mum and I in NYC last November, she took me for my 30th, and after a rough couple of months, we really needed the break, it was so nice to have some time to just relax together and see somewhere I'd always wanted to. This is us in Central Park.

A memory from Jane Sanderson

From: Jane Sanderson

Brilliant weekend at Orla Kiely show at London fashion weekend

A memory from Hayley Prudhomme

From: Hayley Prudhomme

A sneak peak at my aisle whilst everyone waited impatiently in the air-conditioned room. The idea of walking down the flowered aisle to meet my fiancé, the father to my children, after 11 years together gave me butterflies. A perfect memory.

A memory from Julie Milne

From: Julie Milne

This is the first time all three foxes came for breakfast in my garden.Now they visit every day and bring their cubs to see me,I still get a thrill every time I see them .I'm very excited as there should be new cubs in the next week or two!

A memory from Hannah Brooker

From: Hannah Brooker

I was at the stage of my labour where I began pushing. I was in the birthing pool and just at the right moment I moved hands, made one last effort to push and my son was delivered into my hands under the water. A moment I'll never forget.

A memory from Emma Chester

From: Emma Chester

My Dad ran a market stall so he wasn't often able to take me out at weekends, so I treasure memories of him spending the day with him, there was never a dull moment #thatgirlmemories

A memory from carol Hedges

From: carol Hedges

This is my daughter and my little granddaughter (now age 2). I cannot look at this pic without smiling. She has brought such happiness and joy into our lives, right from the get-go.

A memory from Shelley mathews

From: Shelley mathews

My best photo with my mum and nan, it such a special memory

A memory from Del Hart

From: Del Hart

This is my daughter and I while visiting her in Macau we went to the old part of the island Colane
Had a lovely afternoon looking at the old building and the temple .

A memory from Jan lodge

From: Jan lodge

Fun on the beach whatever the weather . A brother can never resist trying to trying to throw his sister in the sea .

A Tweet from Danielle Pooley

From: @DanielleMP1990

@PenguinUKBooks #ThatGirlMemories My sons first Xmas

A memory from Mark Scott

From: Mark Scott

Christmas just past, my kids mother sent me this picture of my kids. Made me smile and I love the photo.

A memory from Georgina Smith

From: Georgina Smith

This photo is of me and my dog Teddy. I love this photo because I was afraid of dogs for 24 years and it took over my life. Having Teddy in my life showed me how loving animals can be.

A Tweet from JKimbers

From: @JKimbers

@TGMemories #thatgirlmemories January 1998. Best friends since 1993, Still best friends 23 years on.

A memory from HelenNewsome

From: HelenNewsome

This is my favourite photo ever. It's of me aged 3 & my Grandad Walter. He used to take me everywhere, look after me while my parents worked & as you can see, he let me dress him up! Nothing was too much trouble. I treasure this photo.

A memory from Oli Marshall

From: Oli Marshall

When I came to this country as a young and naive 22-year-old, I was scared, lonely and lost. When ever I look at this photo, I remind myself that happiness and dreams to come true.

A Tweet from Sarah Hilary

From: @sarah_hilary

I'm wearing my mum's old graduation ball gown, and can remember exactly how happy it made me #ThatGirlMemories

A Tweet from Grace Baker

From: @DiaryGirlGB16

@PenguinUKBooks #ThatGirlMemories This is a photo of me and my great grandma at her 90th, 13 yrs ago. Miss her loads

A memory from Jacki Currie

From: Jacki Currie

My wedding day 13/8/1993 My wonderful father went through so much to actually be there and give me away. No longer with us and I miss him every day x

A memory from kayleigh manning

From: kayleigh manning

This was a picture taken off the TV of my brother at the Royal Albert Hall for remembrance day representing our country for the Royal Navy , such a proud moment for our family

A Tweet from Sarah Prescott

From: @lovepenguins126

@DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Pauline Stillman

From: Pauline Stillman

One of last photos my late husband took of our daughter and me on the beach in Sardinia. He called it "Beach bums". Wonderful memories of a great holiday and taken 33 years ago.

A memory from Kim Roberts

From: Kim Roberts

My little boy meeting his hero, Woody at Disneyland Paris

A memory from Georgina Cox

From: Georgina Cox

Seaside memories with my mum. We have been going to the same seaside for over 31 years and still love it.

A memory from Lynn Brown

From: Lynn Brown

A fabulous day out in London for shopping and afternoon tea at Sketch. Memories forever.

A memory from Chris Hunt

From: Chris Hunt

Meeting Guy Martin at the TT a couple of years back. Now he is a super-hero and I doubt if he will race at the TT again so really glad I got this chance.

A memory from Sam Goodwin

From: Sam Goodwin

Having my hair cut to donate to charity, it was the first time I had ever done something myself for charity and I felt so proud of myself!

A memory from Tracey Alexander

From: Tracey Alexander

Once I was seven years old and had this photo taken with my Dad. Not long after, he passed away and this is the only photo I have. I treasure it with my life.....make sure you always take lots of photos so you can look back at the memories and smile.

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A Tweet from Trish on A Bus

From: @tishylou

@PenguinUKBooks @najmafinlay #ThatGirlMemories One of my last happy memories with my Mum be for she passed in 2010.

A memory from Jyoti Mishra

From: Jyoti Mishra

Whenever I see this picture, I remember the laughter and mirth I shared with my sister while clicking this. This picture replenishes my soul with cheer and petrichor.

A memory from Jan Doherty

From: Jan Doherty

#ThatGirlMemories A night out with some great colleagues - most of whom were, sadly, made redundant not long afterwards.

A memory from Monica Gilbert

From: Monica Gilbert

My daughter had her first roller coaster ride on her birthday. She loved it!

A memory from Anne Hitchin

From: Anne Hitchin

After struggling to run for 30 secs last year, I worked hard to complete a Half Marathon for Charity. After puffing and panting for 2.5 hrs, I made it, with my 6yo daughter waiting for me at the finish line to tell me how proud of me she was.

A memory from Zoe Martin

From: Zoe Martin

My husband has to constantly put up with me asking if I have lipstick on my chin! On our wedding day, when I finally met him at the top of the aisle, I asked him if there were any traces. Our photographer caught this moment which makes me smile.

A Tweet from Fatima Sader

From: @Fatima_Sader

Love it because it represents a weekend away from the real world. #ThatGirlMemories @PenguinUKBooks

A Tweet from Carly Fory

From: @CSWildflower

#ThatGirlMemories Marrying my best friend. Moment of pure joy. Surrounded by family+friends. Room full of love!

A Tweet from Marc Tessier-Ashpool

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@PenguinUKBooks #ThatGirlMemories my favourite picture is this as it reminds me my dog is such a hot stepper

A Tweet from Jennifer Joyce

From: @Writer_Jenn

My girls at Universal Studios. Thing 1 is holding littlest's toy, which she's had since birth #thatgirlmemories

A memory from Sharni Copham

From: Sharni Copham

After trying and trying for almost 2 years, I finally achieved my superman pose in pole fitness. This may not seem like a big thing to most people, but for all budding poles out there, they will know the elation I felt when I finally got it.

A Tweet from michelle cooper

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@arrowpublishing @DorothyKoomson loads of fab pics of my kids, this is one of my faves in the snow #ThatGirlMemories

A Tweet from Claire

From: @BrizzleLass

@DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories Spending time in Samos, Greece the first place I lived after leaving home.

A memory from Hayley Fraser

From: Hayley Fraser

Renewing our vows in Gibraltar 2015, celebrating 20 years of marriage! x

A Tweet from Hayley Steed

From: @hayleyemmasteed

#ThatGirlMemories skydive 6 months after my op. Can't wait to dive again with MY MUM in June

A memory from Louise Cooper

From: Louise Cooper

This is a photo of our 23 month old boy Harry Elliott , on his first trip on a plane to Florida , a trip we never ever thought he'd be able to make, he was born premature at 29 weeks and had to constantly fight for his life and he never gave up.

A memory from Amanda Langley

From: Amanda Langley

Having been through a very difficult marriage I'd pretty much given up on meeting anyone. I met Darren a year ago and we will be married in a few months. This picture was taken on one of our first outings with my daughter.

A memory from Diane Wareing

From: Diane Wareing

We had always gone on holiday together & eventually there were 4 generations of us having fun filled holidays together. This was the last holiday with my dad in Greece aged 90 enjoying his first cocktail. It shows how much fun he was. Great memories!

A memory from Lorraine Gallon

From: Lorraine Gallon

My youngest daughter first picture. She was just seconds old.

A Tweet from Jac

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@DorothyKoomson me & my grandad when I was little, he was the no1 guy in my life, miss him loads #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Avril Stone

From: Avril Stone

My lovely family taken at Christmas. My husband loves Christmas and has 12 Christmas jumpers! 😆

A memory from Zoe Holland

From: Zoe Holland

My Mum showing my daughter and step sons the sea. It was a hectic time in our step sons now live with us full time, this was the first holiday where they became a permanent part of our family. We have grown and bonded so much since then!

A memory from Amy Jane Beckett

From: Amy Jane Beckett

70 years young - My amazing grandma

A memory from Caroline Atherton

From: Caroline Atherton

Me and my girl pondering 'What is Art?' 😍

A memory from Hayley Lynch

From: Hayley Lynch

Christmas in the 70s .... especially the year I got a brand new bike with a shopping basket after always having a second hand bike

A memory from Katie Goulding

From: Katie Goulding

My favourite photo is from my hen party in 2014, we went to a Butlins Reloaded weekend and the girls secretly planned outfits for the Saturday night - we went as the characters from Toy Story (I was Little Bo Peep!) It really was the best night!

A memory from Paula Gwynne

From: Paula Gwynne

My yearly family camping holiday to Newquay in Cornwall 2 weeks of family fun and no one wants to go home

A memory from Angela Biddle

From: Angela Biddle

Happy days in Egypt with my little sis.
Fun, sun and laughter. Never to be missed!

A memory from Adam Hedges

From: Adam Hedges

My wedding day. I've literally never been happier than seeing the most beautiful girl in the world (no competition by the way,) walking in the doors of our local church. I hope I win so I can take more beautiful pictures of her for years to come.

A memory from Laurie Beattie

From: Laurie Beattie

Me and my parents went on hiking holidays every year, since I was six years old but I became ill with anorexia, so this wasn't possible. When I was discharged from hospital, we went back to celebrate. This is me climbing and beating the mountain.

A memory from Jillian Cameron

From: Jillian Cameron

The day I realised that my gorgeous cat of 19yrs had ditched me in favour of my daughter. :-)

A memory from Janice Dunn

From: Janice Dunn

I love this photo because both my daughter and gran are in it. My gran had never been in a 'selfie' before and had thought it was hilarious!

A Tweet from Natalie Harrison

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@TGMemories The first picture of me and my now husband from about 14 years ago @DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Vanessa Cox

From: Vanessa Cox

My fantastic wedding day in August 2002! Designing the dress was one of my best memories. I've chosen the fabric and found a lovely dressmaker in Paris. We designed it together and the result was just fabulous! #ThatGirlMemories

A Tweet from Freelance Lance

From: @freelanceLanceB

@DorothyKoomson On Lake Geneva with my better half #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Louise Evans

From: Louise Evans

This is a photo of my daughters and I. It was July 2015 and we celebrated in Ma Kelly's Bar in Blackpool. It is the first time we were all able to go to the pub, together

A memory from Christina marshall

From: Christina marshall

Our family day out at the dinosaur park was perfect. The kids behaved and we had so much fun! I love these perfect days.

A memory from Greig spencer

From: Greig spencer

My fave memory is when i got to meet Ant and Dec! it was awesome and they were so nice and chatty to us all!

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A memory from Amanda Tanner

From: Amanda Tanner

Working in Majorca in 2014 and meeting these great girls from Poland and Holland. We worked hard and partied hard. We still keep in touch on Facebook and hope to meet up again one day.

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From: @Beckielise

@DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Michelle Phillips

From: Michelle Phillips

A care free holiday with the girls. So much laughter and so many memories. I'm the girl in the red shorts laughing my heart out.

A memory from Kelly Ibinson

From: Kelly Ibinson

Every year me and my daughter enter Race for Life. Lovely memories we have been doing it for 8 years now.

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my 50th. #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from emma jayne morgan

From: emma jayne morgan

My Zambian boyfriend took me on an amazing trip to Zambia last year.

This is me Walking with Lions Zambia 2015

A memory from Susie Groom

From: Susie Groom

Going to Patagonia on holiday for my brother's 40th & doing Yoga on sea salt ice. We had seen the amazing falls.

A memory from Katie Prentice

From: Katie Prentice

Ever since I was little, my dad and I tried to encourage hedgehogs to our garden. After 20 years of cultivating wild areas and building wildlife boxes we succeeded! A few years ago we had as many as a dozen hedgehogs! That's why this is my favourite

A Tweet from Jenny Geras

From: @itsabookthing

My contribution to #thatgirlmemories - relaxed monkey, on holiday in Costa Rica (me on hols, not the monkey), 2008

A memory from Jennie

From: Jennie

I remember my mums dress which is in this photo, I remember the colours (different purples) and the texture of it vividly. I think most of my earliest memories are from when I was this age.

A memory from Christine Harris

From: Christine Harris

This is a photo of my husband and my gorgeous oldest Godsons. I hadn't seen the boys for ages as we I had not been well & it's not cool to a teenager to visit. On Mother's Day they all collaborated to organise a surprise visit for me!

A memory from Tracey Deering

From: Tracey Deering

An amazing holiday to Thailand to celebrate my 40th birthday

A memory from Fleur

From: Fleur

Enjoying some quality niece time

A memory from Zoe Long

From: Zoe Long

My son Ryan was having his bath, it was time for him to get out. So when I said that to him his response was to put his fingers in his ears and poke his tongue out at me!

A Tweet from Colette

From: @littlelottee20

@arrowpublishing @DorothyKoomson My sisters & I would fight to be the 1st to read this every week! #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from vicky machirant

From: vicky machirant

The day I met my partner Stuart is my most precious memory. The minute I laid eyes on him I knew he was my soulmate. It was love at first sight and I just knew instinctively that we would be together forever.He changed my life for the better

A memory from Claire Golinsky

From: Claire Golinsky

Visiting the tigers in Thailand with my sister for my 30th birthday

A memory from Nicola Bradley

From: Nicola Bradley

My first holiday when I was 18 to Ejypt always evokes many memories. My ex boyfriend took this in blistering heat and although I was afraid of my horse I don't look it. I remember the smells, the food and the pyramids like it was yesterday. Magical

A memory from Jessica steele

From: Jessica steele

This is me and my daughter in Marco Island, Florida on a boat we hired to celebrate my 30th birthday. We sailed to a secluded beach and spent the day, and saw lots of dolphins. I felt seasick on the way home though!

A memory from claire woods

From: claire woods

When my son Samuel was born. It seems like yesterday but he is 11 in April!

A memory from Abby may

From: Abby may

My little girls birthday. I had just come out of hospital after having a tumour removed so looking back at pictures helps me to remember and be happy for what I have

A memory from Dion Petrie

From: Dion Petrie

Meeting Jessie J in 2013 in Aberdeen one of my best memories

A memory from Iain

From: Iain

Being here with my family for a wee break it was amazing

A memory from Emma Ellams

From: Emma Ellams

Walking half a marathon through the night for charity!

A memory from Claire Thorpe

From: Claire Thorpe

This is from a holiday in Spain - my 3 year old daughter had a red stamp and whilst my back was turned she stamped all over poor little Henry! He didn't seem to mind - this photo reminds me of the lovely holiday.

A memory from juliette morrison

From: juliette morrison

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my family smile. I was lucky to win a holiday to Florida with Magic Radio in 2012 and here we all are enjoying our trip. Looking at pictures is the perfect way to keep memories alive #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from Sharon Wilden

From: Sharon Wilden

This is one of my favourite last memories of my mum. She'd never received a delivery of flowers before so we ordered her some for her 50th birthday which she was over the moon about. Sadly just over 2 years later we lost her suddenly.


From: @DorothyKoomson

Drinking green tea in Hakone Japan, circa 2000. Loved the green tea & hot spa springs. #MyPast #ThatGirlMemories


From: @DorothyKoomson

My first iMac - a flower-power one. Many an article & first 3 books were written on this. #MyPast #ThatGirlMemories

A memory from @MsXpat

From: @MsXpat

#tbt #winter2015 on location #makeup complete ready to meet and great #DorothyKoomson #ThatGirlMemories #booklovers

A Tweet from Sarah Ridley

From: @SazzlePage

One of the best moments of our wedding day! I wish we could do it all over again.

A Tweet from Celeste

From: @celestewb

Remembering finding this completely secluded little beach in Portugal last year #ThatGirlMemories


From: @DorothyKoomson

I got these sparkly beauties for a posh do but twisted my ankle that day so never wore 'em #MyPast #ThatGirlMemories


From: @DorothyKoomson

Have found my old #gameboy while having a clear out. Many, many hours wasted on this. #MyPast #ThatGirlMemories